At RV Astley we run a busy warehouse operation in which the fleet of forklift trucks are an integral part of the business. Our partnership with Abbey Mechanical is crucial in being able to run the forklifts in the most cost effective and reliable manor to enable us to meet our customer needs and expectations. The direct communication between us and our Account Manager means we are always aware of the ongoing jobs and can plan our daily operations accordingly. With recent additions to fleet through Abbey Mechanical we have been delighted with both quality of equipment supplied along with the daily service levels offered.

Carl Page – RV Astley

With a change in operations, we required another piece of material handling equipment to adapt to change of product we were handling. Abbey Mechanical Services Ltd attended site and carried out a detailed site survey and advised us on the options and solutions available to us. Having highlighted the best solutions, Abbey Mechanical then provided us with an excellent piece of equipment which had been refurbished through their workshop, since the installation the machine has been a reliable part of our operations.

John Reddish – Sassen Engineering

Working in a industry where meeting daily deadlines are vital to the progression of our projects, it is critical that our material handling equipment is running at full capacity. When we encounter any mechanical issues, Abbey Mechanical’s response to our breakdown is excellent and their ability to resolve the issue on site and place the machine
back in to service is crucial to our ongoing operations.

Sam Stokes – Avon Homes